We all find purpose in communion with nature. We all find meaning in the rhythm of life. We all receive life from the bounty of the earth. Can we be as wind and waves whose only desire is peace?

When children take over the family business, I think they must be good children, but when citizens take over capitol buildings, I think they must be traitors.

But can a traitor be a hero?

I think George Washington was one.

He was a hero because he refused to engage in partisan politics and because he lived by the golden rule.

He was a hero because he understood that progress grinds to a halt when reformers feel the rush of power, that legitimacy crumbles to dust when conservatives cling to power, and that innocent lives are lost when tyrants take power.

By studying his life and times, we realize that actions have consequences. Taking power and not letting go is a disaster. Supporting a tyrant is a fatal mistake. Regular, free and fair elections follow a universal principle. Good citizens step up when they're needed. They step back down when they lose.

George Washington wasn't a power-hungry politician, so he wouldn't bend the knee to a power-hungry family. He just wouldn't support such spoiled, arrogant, cruel, violent people.