Most people do the right thing and keep it to themselves. Some people can't do anything without letting us know.

Most people do nothing when it's the right thing to do. Some people need a reason to do the right thing.

But when kindness does something, it does so for nothing, and when duty does something, it has a good reason.

So when my cause is righteous and people aren't woke, I lose something important when I start making threats and promise the moon.

I'm lost and I'm not doing the right thing. I lack character and I'm not being kind. I lack compassion and I'm not being responsible. I lack dignity and I'm not righteous at all.

When the righteous have a legitimate grievance but justify violence, when a prophet dreams of glory but leads us to ruin, that's when moral authority lies in gratitude, not grievance, in fact, not fiction.

So cancel one, claim the other.