Fighting Spirit

Everyone says that my kung fu is strong, but they also say that it doesn't seem very traditional. In fact, the reason it's strong is that it looks a bit ridiculous. If my kung fu was just like it was in the old days, that would mean it's weak, wouldn't it?

My kung fu still has three old gems from the old days. If you take them too, they'll keep you safe. The first is compassion, the second is character, and the third is not bossing people around. Compassion inspires us, character empowers us, and not bossing people around gets the best results.

Modern kung fu is a hero with no compassion, a cop with no character, a boss with no humility, and that means it's a dead end. But if we bring compassion to the fight, we prevail, and in defence, we're safe. God is with us when compassion watches over us.