Contemplate the heavens, then devote yourself to contemplating the world around you, then acknowledge the nature of the bounty of the earth, then join with life. Can you be like wind and waves whose only desire is to become one?

Now contemplate a son who succeeds his father. Let's call him a dutiful son. And a vassal who succeeds his lord, let's call him a usurper. How can a usurper be praised? King Wu was one.

Now ask yourself how we can avoid sophistry and still prove that we share the same principles as our fellow human beings.

Now my answer is that devotion to logical reasoning explains a descent into madness, and that cultivation of moral conduct pays homage to a principle of oppression, and that pursuit of fame and fortune is characterized by an abundance of fear and anxiety. Pointing out these cycles of subjectivity is just my way of acknowledging their reality within each and every one of us.

And finally, contemplate the danger of making decisions based on ambition, and that it's best to avoid a reputation as an ambitious social climber, and that a reputation for stepping up when needed, then stepping down, reflects a universal principle that plays out in the heavens.

You should never serve the government of an overly ambitious state. You should never marry into an overly ambitious family. You should never fall in with proud, arrogant, ruthless, violent people.