The handsome young man asked Yangzi, What do you think of people who love life and take care of their bodies so they won't die?

Thinking you won't die is irrational.

What about trying to prolong life?

Clinging to life is irrational. The value of life isn't how long it lasts, the love of self isn't how healthy you are. And why prolong life? The five senses turn from pleasure to pain, the four limbs from fit to infirm, a life's work from joy to sorrow. Out of touch with changing times, you've heard it before, seen it before, done it before. After a hundred years, you'll be sick and tired. Why prolong such sorrow?

The young man replied, When you put it like that, dying young is better than getting old, so I might as well just slit my own throat, fall into the fire, get it over with.

Yangzi replied, That's not what I'm saying. You're alive, so surrender to life and embrace it. Want what it gives you so you're resigned to death. You're going to die, so surrender to death and embrace it. Go where it takes you so you're relieved of your cares. There's nothing that doesn't give up, nothing that doesn't hold on. Why hurry or delay the comforting call?